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Slice the Ice at the Pentagon Row Outdoor Ice Skating Rink - Park Adams Blog

Slice the Ice at the Pentagon Row Outdoor Ice Skating Rink

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Follow the crackle of the outdoor dual-sided fireplace to the Pentagon Row Outdoor Ice Skating rink. The fresh-air fireplace was added as part of a major overhaul in 2013 that added 50% more space to the area where the ice skating rink sits. This extra square footage (6,840 in all) makes social-distancing easy at the outdoor arena.

To create even more space, Pentagon Row Outdoor Ice Skating will enlist its online reservation system again this year. The online platform allows you to pick a one-hour time slot on a date within the next two weeks, during which you’re invited to come and enjoy some holiday cheer at the rink. Make sure you arrive at the rink within 10 minutes of your designated start time or you could miss out! Rental skates are available ($5 each) and tickets are $11 for adults. If you’re a newer skater, you might also want to take lessons to get acclimated to slicing the ice. Adult and children’s lessons are available in five-week sessions, but you’re also welcome to schedule a single private lesson if you prefer.

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